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We Make Fresh - Taste Delicious:

We take pride in all of the jerky we make and ship out.  At Jerky Direct, all our beef is born, raised and processed in the USA.  We take pride in supporting small and local businesses.  All of our jerky is handmade in family run and USDA certified facilities.
We use the highest quality beef and freshest ingredients to bring you the best beef jerky you have ever tasted.  Our jerky is delivered farm fresh to your door within days of being processed compared to months or years!


We have 2 Different Styles of JerkyMidwest Fresh & Southern Style

Midwest Fresh

As Natural as it Gets

Origins: This Certified Grass-Fed Beef is born and raised in the Heartland of America - it has has only eaten grass & forage from weaning to harvest, it has never been raised in confinement and it has never been given antibiotics or growth hormones.  This is as fresh as it gets!


Jerky Maker:  Made in family run, award winning meat processing facility (located within 50 miles of the farm the cows are raised on.)  They have been in business for 100 years and continually create the highest quality and best tasting beef jerky available.


Style:  All-Natural, thicker cut jerky.  This is your classic style butcher shop jerky.  Our 100% Natural Flavors are made with only 6 ingredients and NO artificial ingredients.  Our 100% fresh line has other added ingredients for people who want maximum flavor.  This is as natural and fresh as it gets.


100% Natural: Original and Peppered
100% Fresh:  BBQ and Smokin' Hot



Southern Style

Jerky Like it was Meant to Be

Origins:  High quality beef (solid muscle that is not chopped and formed), born and raised in the Southeast Region of the USA.  We believe the highest quality beef creates the highest quality jerky, so only the top cuts of beef are used to create a mouth watering taste and texture of jerky.  If you want minimally processed - look no further!


Jerky Maker:  Handcrafted by our expert jerky artisan on a mission.  He has been mastering his craft for the last 16 years.  Personally tasting and testing 1,000s of recipes to create the best jerky you have ever tasted.  Him and his daughter are always experimenting to find the next big flavor.  


Style:  Thinly sliced jerky.  High-end style jerky for people who like to savor the flavor.    

Flavors:  Original, Teriyaki, Mesquite Smoked, Sriracha, Hot Chili Lime, BBQ (coming soon)

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