Giving Back

"If they say Money doesn't make you happy - Try Giving it away" -Unknown

One of our Biggest Missions at Jerky Direct is to give back to local communities.
We realized their are a lot of people who need help all around the world.  Since our products are 100% produced and sold in the USA, we decided to keep our charitable efforts here too.

How It Works

We take a portion of every Bag/Stick we sell and set it aside to donate a charity or worthy cause.

The More You Buy - The More We Donate!

Our Current Charity

$100 Goal


Total Raised = $17.80

Name of the Charity:  The Tap: Proudly Dis-Labeled 

What they Do:  As their website states: "The TAP is bridging the gap between our friends with disability labels and their communities. When we come together, we ALL change. We party. We make friends. We help each other. We live better."  

What your Donation will do:  Your donation will help support upcoming events along with providing transportation to events for those who would not be able to attend otherwise. 

Why We Picked Them:  Not only are they local right here in St. Paul, but they are directly impacting and changing people's lives daily.  We can not be more excited to give back and help them put on more amazing events.

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