How Simple snacks make a big impact

Healthier Eating

  • Did You Know: Protein is a component of every cell in the human body and also helps you build and repair body cells
  • Did You Know: Your body burns many more calories digesting protein than it does eating fat or carbohydrates
  • Beef Jerky is one of the healthiest snacks on the go
  • Kick the vending machine and Beef Up Your Diet!

Giving Back

  • A portion of every bag of jerky and snack stick sold is donated to charity
  • We offer our members rewards simply for buying our jerky
  • We protect the environment by packing big contents into smaller packaging

Supporting Small Business

  • All our products are farmed, produced and packed in the USA
  • We support local, family owned businesses
  • We ship our products fresh to your mailbox

Amazing Products

All-Natural Jerky

10 All-Natural Ingredients have been combined to create the most amazing jerky you have ever ate!
- 100% Beef
- No Nitrates
- No MSG
- No Preservatives
Surprisingly Soft & Tender

Flavors:  Original and Peppered N' Garlic

This is product title

2 Bags (3oz each) All-Natural 100% Beef Jerky Check the Ingredients - The All-Natural Jerky you have been searching for! Surprisingly Soft & Tender. Packed full of Flavor. This is
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Snack Sticks

'Cause Life is too short - Eat the Best!
When flavor matters most, our Snack Sticks are always a top pick
- Award Winning Flavor
- Enjoyed by the most picky eaters
- Pinch of Preservatives with maximum flavor
Taste the Meat - Not the Grease

Flavors:  BBQ

BBQ Snack Sticks

BBQ Snack Sticks

$10.00 - $60.00
BBQ Snack Sticks (1oz Each) You Gotta Try These! Even the Pickiest Eaters Agree - These Snack Sticks are Incredible! For those who don't mind a pinch of preservatives for
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