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Marinated For Your Success

Basically, we are an Online Jerky Club.  We mail the freshest Jerky direct to your door.  The best part, you can start a business from home sharing our amazing products with others.  It doesn't matter if you are looking for a full-time or part-time income - We are here to help you reach your goals!

About Us

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Not Your Average Jerky

Some say Jerky was invented by the Native Americans. Others say it was started by an ancient Incan Tribe. Either Way, Jerky Direct perfected it and delivers it straight to your mailbox. Fresh Ingredients, No Nitrates, Minimally Processed and 100% Delicious. Jerky lovers agree - This is what Beef Jerky should taste like!

Made With Pride

Small Batch

Our Jerky is Hand Crafted in Small Batches to bring you the best tasting jerky – Every Time.

Made in USA

All our beef, production and even bags are made in the USA. We support Local and small businesses.

Freshest of the Fresh

Since our Jerky is delivered to your door within days of being made – we can use the freshest ingredients your family deserves.

About Our Jerky

Building Your Business

When it comes to building a business and your downline, it couldn’t be easier! While many people start MLM businesses and then drop out, Jerky Direct makes it so easy to make money that you’ll have a successful downline of sellers in no time. Not only is the monthly investment so affordable, but the company also provides all sellers with a replicated website and marketing tools to...

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Our Marketing System

Setting you up for success in home business

Along with Premium Jerky, We also provide you with a Premium Opportunity to start your own home based business. If you are looking for an extra part-time income or to create a full-time residual income - we want to provide you with all the tools, training and support you need.

  • Personalized website
  • Complete back office
  • Getting started guide
  • Sales 101 (for people who hate sales)
  • Marketing Training
  • Presentation Webinars
  • Live Training and Q&A sessions
  • And Much Much More

Quick Contact to us: (612) 408-0070