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We Make Fresh - Taste Delicious:

Here at Jerky Direct, we take pride in our business and pride in the products we send out. Because of this, we have searched High & Low. We tasted jerky from Coast to Coast. From soft and tender to break your jaw. From Bursting with flavor to no flavor to I wish I didn't eat that. We put our fingers, taste buds and noses to work - so you didn't have to.. In order to bring you the best Jerky in America!!

About Our Jerky:

All our jerky is handmade in the USA, in small batches by a 3rd generation family owned & operated USDA facility using the highest quality beef creating award winning jerky and taking pride in every bag sent out.


Farm Fresh to your Door

Not sitting on the shelf for months or years like those other guys


No Preservatives, Nitrites, Nitrates or MSG*

Since our products are Farm Fresh, we don't need to fill them full of chemicals


Suprisingly Soft & Tender

That perfect texture that keeps bringing you back for more


Outstanding Flavor

We use the perfect mix of high quality ingredients and spices to satisify your taste buds


Snack Sized Pieces

Forget those giant, hard to tear pieces of jerky.  Ours comes perfect for snacking and sharing


Small Bag - > Big Contents

Not only perfect for on the go, but with less waste, we are making small changes that make a big impact on the environment


Easy Open Bags

When you just can't wait to eat some


Resealable Bags

When you have the self-control to save some for later


Shelf Stable

While you may not be able to hoard it until the end of the world (or maybe you can), it will certainly last till your next outting

Original Jerky

Ingredients:  Beef, Water, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Vinegar Powder, Celery Juice Powder, Black Pepper, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Red Pepper

Peppered & Garlic Jerky

Ingredients:  Beef, Water, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Vinegar Powder, Cracked Black Pepper, Celery Juice Powder, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Red Pepper

Spicy Jerky

Ingredients:  Beef, Water, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Celery Juice Powder, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Jalapeno Powder, Garlic Powder.

BBQ Snack Sticks

1 Pack = 4 Snack Sticks
* Snack Sticks contain a pinch of perservatives  to punch your taste buds with flavor!
Ingredients:  Beef & Pork, Water, Sugar, Salt, Encapsulated Citric Acid, Spices, Onion and Garlic Powder, Dextrose, Monosodium Glutamate, Corn Starch, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor (contains Maltodextrin), Molasses Powder (Cane Sugar, Cane Molasses, Cane Caramel Color), Natural Spices Extratives, Sodium Nitrite, in Colored Collagen Casing.

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