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Mesquite Smoked

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Twin Pack


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About Our Jerky:

Our Master Jerky Maker has been meticulously fine tuning the perfect Beef Jerky for the last 16 years. Countless sleepless nights, Thousands of Taste Tests and finding the freshest ingredients available have all led to where we are now. If you are looking for Low Quality, Gas Station style Jerky - Keep Looking!

We stand for Premium!

Fresh Ingredients, Minimally Processed, NO Nitrates or Artificial Ingredients. Our Jerky is like you took a Steak-House Steak, Cut it Thin and Marinated it to Perfection to create the best Jerky Products you have eaten! We take pride in Every bag that is shipped out of our USDA Certified Kitchen.

What Makes Our Jerky So Different?

One Word - Freshness. Since our Jerky is mailed directly to your mailbox - Within days of being made - We don’t need the chemicals and artificial ingredients those other guys use.

Quick Contact to us: (612) 408-0070